Sunday, June 22, 2008

Funny Accident

I felt like a cartoon character today. I have been fighting a sore leg for about three months. It is slowly getting better. Then today I had an accident only I could come up with.

A little history first. I am very accident prone. my husband says it's because my brain is ahead of my body, and I don't pay attention to my surroundings. I've shut my finger in a car door, fallen when running from the car to the door in the rain, hit my head on the car door getting in because I didn't duck low enough. I think it's because I have a depth perception problem, which explains why I could never hit the softball in PE class. I couldn't jump rope either for the same reason. I thought I just clumsy until the eye doctor explained about my depth perception which causes me to misjudge distances. My dad, who went to the appointment with me, understood better the scrapes and dents on the right side of his car. I once asked Roger for an electric saw for Christmas because I thought I'd like to build furniture. He vetoed that idea because he had no desire to take me to the emergency room to treat whatever body part I'd managed to injure.

Anyway, we have had a problem with something getting in our garage to steal pecans we had in an open bucket. So after a mouse trap didn't catch the culprit, my husband decided to buy some sticky paper that might capture the thief. Meanwhile, I go out to the garage to search for a missing item. As usual I'm looking straight ahead, intent on the area I'm planning to search. I looked through the sack of assorted items, discovering the missing item was not there. When I backed up to go back into the house, I stepped on the paper, quickly became stuck, lost my balance, and landed on my behind while yelling for help.

My husband came running to rescue me from whatever calamity had befallen me. He hid his face and choked to keep from laughing as he pulled me from the paper. His next comment was that he'd caught a "big one". I'm assuming he meant relative to a mouse.

Fortunately, only my pride seems to be damaged. I'll know more in the morning when the bruises appear.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"And the Two Shall Become One"

And the Two Shall Become One

A few days ago I was thinking about the phrase “and the two shall become one” in referring to the marriage relationship.

My husband and I do a lot of hospital calls since we’ve retired. We have seen the suffering of family members and friends as their loved one recovers from surgery or disease. We’ve prayed and grieved with others during the final stages of terminal illnesses. As a result, we know that the whole family needs prayers not just the sick individual.

A friend mentioned that her husband would soon have a medical test that required some advance preparation. We all agreed that she would be enduring his unpleasant ordeal as much as he would.

Later that evening, as I thought about our conversation, I began to understand the meaning of the phrase “and the two shall become one”.

When I had cancer, my husband worried about me and shared my anxiety awaiting results. When I was pregnant, he had morning sickness along with me. When he broke his foot and couldn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep well either. When our parents died, we shared each other’s grief.

We worship together and pray together. I know his thoughts, and he knows mine. He can say the first words of a joke, and I know which one it is. Often one of us will bring up an issue to discuss, only to discover the other one had been thinking about the same issue.

“And the two shall become one.” I like the idea and hope for many more years of sharing our oneness.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

43 rd Anniversary

We celebrated our 43rd anniversary in our usual unorthodox way. We started the day by attending the end of the year awards ceremony for our grandson at his school. We then went to see INDIANA JONES and ate an early dinner at our favorite restaurant. We concluded the day by going to a viewing at the funeral home of our granddaughter's other grandfather. We returned home before winds of 50 miles an hour with gusts to
75 miles an hour took out the electricity for six hours.

We had to laugh at our version of anniversary celebration. Other anniversary's have involved attending a Turkish birthday party for children, mourning the death of Robert Kennedy, attending a family reunion, and renewing our vows at the grave site of the main character in an Eugenia Price novel. One year my husband had to work, so we postponed our celebration for a few days later. I had to learn that the day wasn't as important as honoring our relationship. Another year my husband sent me an orchid from Guam, and the lady who ran the post office made sure I received it although it arrived after the small post office officially closed for the day. I received a phone call at two in the morning from my husband who was stationed at a remote site half way around the world on another anniversary.

We celebrated our 40th with a party of friends just in case we didn't have the opportunity to celebrate our 50th as neither on of our parents did. Later that summer, we went to Alaska for a memorable gift to each other.

We're looking forward to what the next anniversaries might bring. The military part
of our life has long past, so we know we'll be sharing it together. Beyond that, we're not sure what opportunity lies ahead to make our day special. We have a party planned for the 50th, but other than that we'll have to wait and see.

But whatever the occasion brings, we'll be together, which is really all that matters.