Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shopping for School Supplies

My grandson and I bought supplies when Walmart was having their wonderful sale. We didn't have a school supply list since, for some strange reason, the middle school and high school do not put one out. So we tried to guess at what would be needed when we could get things at a good price.

Monday was the first day of school. Both my grandson and granddaughter came home with the list of things they needed. My husband and I trekked from Walmart to Dollar General to United Grocery store in a futile search for dividers for three ring binders. He needed three sets. We met other parents with lists in hand, who were searching for other items missing from store shelves. I did find some fancy dividers for $4.00 a set. Neither my husband nor I felt inclined to spend $12.00 for dividers.

Did I mention that it was 106 degrees? Car air conditioning doesn't function well in that type of heat.

Did I mention that the school district announced to the news media that they would require fewer supplies this year because of the economy?

Did I mention that I am a retired teacher? Granted, I taught in elementary school where the supplies are more uniform.

Did I mention that I volunteer at the local food pantry? I couldn't help but wonder how our patrons are managing to obtain school supplies when they can't afford to buy food to feed their families?

I hope I can find some dividers tomorrow. I may have to give up and buy the expensive ones. Next year I'll buy dividers when they are on sale for 25 cents a packet.