Sunday, January 24, 2010

Visits from Children and Grandchildren

It was my turn to post a blog on Books To Write by. It seems like I had just written one, but it has been a month ago. Time seems to go faster the older I get.

This was a great weekend. On Saturday, I fixed lunch for my daughter and three grandchildren. I was fussing about what to fix all week, but it was a cold, rainy day so my homemade chili seemed like the perfect solution. I baked a chocolate cake since Roger is always teasing Andrew by saying, "And for dessert, Chocolate Cake." Andrew was pleasantly surprised. Brittany and I did dishes and then we all visited.

Today they all came to church. It is good to see their smiling faces from my seat in the choir. After church we all went to the new Circle H. Brittany and Andrew rode in my new car for the first time. We returned home to have "Chocolate Cake" for dessert. Andrew was very happy.

It was a perfect weekend with my family. One to keep in my treasure box of memories now that the toys are no longer an attraction. Homemade chili, chocolate cake, and conversation have taken the place of toys. Some things change. Children grow up and texting, music, friends become important. Some things remain the same. Our joy at visiting children and grandchildren remains the same.

It was a "real good day".