Monday, October 26, 2009


I recently joined Facebook. It has been fun keeping up with my grandchildren's activities. Three of my former students are now grown with jobs and families. It is so good to read about their successes. One of my nieces is my friend. Several people from groups I belong to are also now my friends. A few of my favorite authors are on my Facebook, or maybe I should say I am on theirs. It's interesting to read about their writing journey and new releases.

I also bought a blackberry cell phone. I am so happy I won't have to lug my laptop with me when we go on trips, or inconvenience my son's family by asking to use their internet. It looks pretty cool, too.

Then there is my I Pod for my music. We can plug it in to listen to music while traveling. I'm not sure Roger will be too crazy about Enya and Yanni, but I have Alan Jackson, George Strait, and Brad Paisley on there also. Shuffle will help us both. Although I like Country Music better than he likes New Age. We both like Kenny G, Chris Botti, and Christian music.

Then there is Classmates. I've connected with one of my neighbors from Junior High. It has been fun thinking about those fun years. I loved Washington Junior High School. We were one big happy group that went to games, walked to lunch every day, iced skated in the winter, and swam at the city pool in the summer. Our large high school broke up the group as we had different lunch hours and classes. The city bus system closed down, and we all broke up into different car pools. Looking back, Junior High was my best time.

The internet has been an issue for a long time. I used to be on dial up, which slowed me down. Now high speed allows me to be on for longer periods of time. I also do a lot of work for various groups I'm a member of, as well as belonging to several digests and receiving several newsletters. Blogs, I have to read several of those.

Life was simpler when there wasn't so much technology available. One advantage is I don't have to worry about my brain not being stimulated.

I'm a techno-grandma for sure.