Monday, March 1, 2010

Once a Month Comes Quickly

A writer friend of mine and I agreed that when we posted once a month on our other blog, we would post on our own blog. February has flown by and my turn is up once again.

Where does the time go? I know each day is twenty-four hours long. Each week is seven days. Each year 365 days long. Why does it seem that time passes quickly as I get older?

I've attended six funerals since Christmas for friends from ages 49 to 83. Cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia have taken their toll. But, I've celebrated the birthday of a 108 year old healthy women and a ninety year old traveling buddy. I recently bought gifts for a seven month pregnant mother.

My own granddaughter will marry in June. It seems like only yesterday that I held her for the first time.

Time is precious. Only the older people understand and try to remind the young. I tried to entertain a four year old yesterday in a meeting too long for a little one. She starts kindergarten next year. Her daddy seems to treasure her now. That's good. Not many parents realize how quickly the childhood passes.

I recently teased one granddaughter, fifteen now, and told her she needed to go sit on the floor with her dolls and create the little plays she used to love to do. She just laughed and hugged me. Last summer she and her brother helped me pack away their outgrown toys they wanted to keep. A few were too worn out and went to the trash can. They donated others to Goodwill for another child to enjoy. It was hard not to cry. The room is tidy now. I miss the clutter, the laughter, and snack time.

Time passes quickly. Hours, days, months, years slip quickly by. It will be my turn to write again before I know it because time passes quickly now.