Sunday, May 17, 2009

This past weekend was our local Relay for Life. As part of the opening ceremonies, the survivors were asked to sit on the stage in our special purple t-shirts. We were asked to speak into a microphone and give our name and how many years we've survived cancer.

As the microphone passed, the time periods varied from thirty-two years to two weeks. I'm somewhere in the middle at thirteen years. The non-cancer participants sat across from us in the amphitheater and joined us as we applauded each other for living another year or even another day. We're all there for the same purpose: to raise money for a cure for cancer.

Today at church one of the young girls in my church came rushing up to me and hugged me. She said, "I didn't know you'd had cancer." What a sweet gift her words and hug were to me.

I shall treasure it always. "Thank you, Ashley."

Monday, May 4, 2009

Marriage Brings New Friends

One of the rewards of my marriage is the new friends that came into my life because of my husband. One of those was Horace Scruggs. The first time I met Horace was when my husband took me home to meet his family and friends after we married. A group of his friends met one evening at one of their houses. Horace was there. I laughed until I thought I'd get sick. Horace was a great story teller. I could listen to him for hours as he recounted school adventures, college stories, navy experiences.

Horace would have been a great college professor or a literary writer. I looked forward to my husband's high school reunions because I knew he'd be there with more stories.

Hurricane Katrina took his pictures, yearbooks, and favorite books, everything but his wife, his beloved Jack Russell Terrier, and the clothes on his back.

Last October, several classmates and spouses met in North Georgia for a get together held by several different classes. We laughed and listened to stories. None of us knew Horace would be missing from future gatherings.

Two weeks ago, Horace called my husband and they talked about the next meeting in the fall. They discussed when we could stop by for a visit. The tentative plans were for our return trip in June.

Then we received a phone call from one of the buddies that Horace had died from a sudden heart attack. There will be no more Horace stories to look forward to at the get togethers.

But, someday I'll hear that chuckle again when Horace again regales us with his tales as we all sit around in heaven enjoying each other's company.

Yes, it's interesting the people that come into your life as the result of marriage.
Horace was one of the best. He never thought of himself as a treasure, but to those who loved him, he was. I miss him.