Sunday, November 22, 2009

Being Thankful in Troubled Times

I post on Books To Write blog once a month. Another writer who posts said she posts to her own blog when it is her turn. I decided to follow her lead.

We had a community Thanksgiving service tonight. Several ministers took part in the service as well as a choir made up of singers from several congregations.

The church had been remodeling their sanctuary and celebrated their first service today in the new facility. We were able to rejoice with them as they gave thanks for the completion of their project.

This morning our preacher spoke about how hard it is to be thankful in these troubled times. Many of our members have had recent deaths of loved ones, critical illnesses of themselves or other family members, job losses, and financial hardships. Yet we are told to give thanks in all things. I appreciated that he admitted it is difficult in trying times to be thankful. It was refreshing to hear his honesty. It helped me to hear that others struggle to be thankful.

Having heard that sermon, I was able to participate in the evening Thanksgiving service because I realized it was okay to acknowledge it is hard and that's okay. I could lift my voice in song to the old familiar hymns as I shared songs of thanks and gratitude with others in the community who were experiencing pain and suffering of their own or that of others.

Today was a good day to "Praise God from whom all blessings flow." Thanks be to God.